The Macchiato Media Super Bowl Pool!

2019: Hey yawl!!!

Thank you so much for entering this first Super Bowl pool. We worked hard to get this pool filled and we barely made it under the wire but we did it!

Special thank yous go out to Tenaja and Plush and Saiyonne and Kelly and Zany and everyone else who sent out notices and TPs and spam to help get this thing done!

It was really fun watching the game and chilling with yawl on the sim. Big congrats to the winners…. $12,500 each!

Our winners are: Shelia for the first quarter, Zany second quarter, Zack Coba third Quarter and BigSean for the final score!

FYI, Here is the live Facebook drawing that was held right before the game:

Posted by SchMoke Seelowe on Sunday, February 4, 2018

This was so fun…. we will do it next year!